Articles of Association

Our Articles of Association (as amended in October 2019) can be seen in the File Attachment below.


The Foundation produces an occasional Newsletter.

The first one was dated March 2019

The second Newsletter is dated December 2019.

The third is dated July 2020.

Please see file links below.

Annual Report

The 2015 Annual Report, covering the period of time from the Foundation's incorporation until 31 December 2015,is available below

The 2016 Annual Report, is available below, covering the 12 months of 2016

The 2017/8 Annual Report is available below, covering the 18 months from  January 2017 until  June 2018

The 2018/9 Annual Report is available below. This covers the 12 months from April 2018 until March 2019. There is therefore some overlap with the 2017/8 Annual Report, but has been done in order to bring the Annual Report timetable into line with the tax year.

As explained in the 2018/9 Annual Report, a separate set of accounts ("Statutory Accounts") has been professionally prepared to meet the requirements of HMRC, and this is also given below, together with a document reconciling the two sets of accounts..